Safety Mission Statement

Offshore Liftboats strives to provide a workplace free of recognizable and preventable hazards. Management of Offshore Liftboats believes that all employees and subcontractors, both within and outside the boundaries of the job setting, share the responsibility of accident prevention. It is expected that individuals share accident prevention knowledge with all customers, competitors, and fellow employees for the benefit of all within the industry we participate. In order to realize these responsibilities, Offshore Liftboats has instituted a requirement for all employees and subcontractors.

All individuals are to know and understand the Safety Management System and comply with Security Measures set forth in the Vessel Security Plan. The goals of Offshore Liftboats include:

  • Provide on the job training and assignment of formal training in order to maintain and develop the highest level of safety and environmental performance;
  • Promote continuous improvement processes throughout our organization by encouraging dynamic personal and environmental safety expertise within our employment.
  • Maintain compliance with federal, state, and local health and safety regulations, and;
  • Maintain compliance with the Department of Homeland Security's regulations.




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