About Us
Thank you for your interest in Offshore Liftboats. Utilizing Liftboats, which are self-propelled self-elevating deck barges, we provide a stable platform by which our clients perform their job. Our experience is second to none. We have been providing services in the Gulf of Mexico for more than 30 years, and our business continues to grow.
Following are a few types of jobs we have been involved with:
  • Construction
  • Plugging and Abandoning wells
  • Wire Line and Electric Line Services
  • Coiled Tubing Services
  • Core Sampling
  • Dive Support
  • Snubbing Services

We are continually expanding our operation and providing the much needed offshore support while maintaining a competitive day rate. Offshore Liftboats has built 9 new vessels in the last 10 years.  The new designs have taken into consideration our clients needs as well as implementation of the technological advances the industry has observed.

Our office, located at 16182 West Main in Cut Off, LA is also state of the art. We are able to ride out the toughest storms and continue to operate our fleet from the office. After the storm clears, we are immediately ready to provide services to our clients.

Also, while working on an Offshore Liftboat vessel, you will observe our emphasis on safety. Our Captains and Crew are regularly tested and trained; and follow strict procedures to create a safe and healthy environment for themselves, and our clients to work in.

Our commitment to you is: Safety and Service First.

At Offshore Liftboats, Safety and Service to our Clients is #1. All operations are performed by experienced, safety conscious personnel. Our Captains and crew take pride in the cleanliness of each vessel, the success of their operation, and show a total commitment to safety.

More information can be found throughout our web site. If your questions are left unanswered, contact our office staff and they will be happy to speak with you.



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