Health, Safety, and Environmental

Offshore Liftboats requires that all tasks be conducted in such a manner that the health, safety and security of all employees, subcontractors, customers and other persons present on the worksite is given first priority, and that the protection and preservation of the environment be given equal priority.

Offshore Liftboats has developed a Safety Culture not just safety programs. We use Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) which seeks participation and training of every individual in order to be successful. The system consists of analyzing tasks and hazards to identify critical safety behaviors based on job observation. It uses feedback about safety performance as reinforcement and is employee based for continuous improvement. It uses rewards and recognition for safe work behavior and the collection of data must be ongoing with an ongoing modification process. Behavioral based safety encourages a safety culture or mindset instead of a program which is not only important but has proven successful at Offshore Liftboats.

Offshore Liftboats believes that a properly managed safety culture will produce employees who participate actively in training, identify and alert each other and management to potential hazards, and feel a responsibility for their safety and the safety of others. Accepting safety as an ethical responsibility demonstrates a sincere concern for each employee which establishes the foundation for an effective safety culture.

Offshore Liftboats also uses Job Safety Analysis (JSA) as a key tool in health, safety, and environmental incident prevention. By identifying hazards before each task employees can mitigate those hazards and complete the task incident free.

Offshore Liftboats also conducts annual training for all employees. Each vessel conducts daily safety meetings and conducts quarterly crew meetings with office staff involved. All of this keeps Offshore Liftboats' employees focused on its Health, Safety, and Environmental goals.

Offshore Liftboats' ultimate goal is to have an Incident Free Operation by demanding that all employees, subcontractors and management work in a constant state of ultimate safety and be conscientious of work practices as addressed in Offshore Liftboats Safety Management System, and security measures set forth in the our Vessel Security Plan.

Offshore Liftboats is a Drug Free Work Place we not only meet but exceed compliance with 49CFR40 USCG policies concerning employee drug testing.

For more information on Offshore Liftboats HS&E polices and programs please contact our HS&E Department



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