Offshore Liftboats was founded in 2000 by Michael and Annie Melancon. Mr. Melancon was introduced to liftboats by his father in 1978. At that time Mike's father was involved with the designing and building of liftboats. In 1980 Mike attended the Maritime Training Academy, received his Master's License and began working aboard his father's liftboats as a captain. In 1988 he was promoted to Operations Manager; overseeing daily operations, safety and personnel.

In 1992 Mike hired Gary Callais, also a Licensed Master and experienced liftboat captain. Within four years of working on the vessels Gary was promoted to the office and spent the following four years assisting Mike with the operations of the company. Both being experienced liftboat captains, Mike and Gary were able to maintain unique relationships with vessel crews as well as customers. Gary was named Chief Operating Officer of Offshore Liftboats in January of 2015.
Seeing potential for growth in the liftboat industry Mike decided to purchase his father's vessels. With the help of Community Bank of Lafourche Mike and Annie were able to start Offshore Liftboats, LLC; they purchased a Class 105 and a Class 120. Mike, Annie, Gary and Mrs. Errol Valance were the original office staff.  With the vessel crews the company had fewer than twenty employees. In 2002, less than eighteen months in business, Offshore Liftboats laid the keel for their first Class 175 vessel. From that point up to the present the company has continued their building program. In less than ten years Marine Industrial Fabrication in New Iberia has built four Class 175 vessels and three Class 200 vessels for Offshore Liftboats and they are currently building a fourth Class 200 vessel.

Always striving to meet industry demands, the growing company employed a full time QHS&E Manager in 2003. Craig Pierce filled that position and has continually kept a first class safety program in place at Offshore Liftboats. Over the years Craig has implemented many policies and procedures to promote safety within the company. As the company has grown so has the HS&E department. In 2009 Mrs. Fallon Dominique joined the HS&E Department. Fallon is a licensed Mate and has worked on Offshore Liftboats' Class 200 vessels as a Mate prior to joining the office staff. When her employment began Fallon was also a United States Coast Guard Reserve. Craig and Fallon's education and experience have helped Offshore Liftboats keep an exemplary safety record. Their department also oversees all new hires to the company. With a very low employee turnover, Offshore Liftboats strives to keep the safest crews aboard their vessels. The crews are trained in safety courses every year and participate in daily on board vessel safety meetings as well as quarterly in-office safety meetings.

In December of 2013, Offshore Liftboats ownership was transferred to the third generation of the Melancon family. On January 1, 2015, Mike and Annie Melancon named daughters Vanessa Melancon Pierce and Lauren Melancon Cheramie, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer respectively. Vanessa has been employed by Offshore Liftboats since 2002, while Lauren began her career with the company in 2011 after her graduation from Nicholls State University.  Offshore Liftboats now serves as the first liftboat company to be both owned and operated by women.



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